Viv provides a friendly, confidential, compassionate & professional service to her clients. She provides focused psychological services including CBT, inter-personal therapy, skills training, narrative, family & couple therapy.

Practice Areas
  • Family Therapy

  • Youth Mental Health

  • Couple Therapy

  • Individual Therapy

  • Practitioner Supervision

  • Cognitive Behaviour Therapy

  • Loss & Grief

  • Relationship Difficulties

  • Family Voilence

  • Trauma & Sexual Abuse

  • Depression & Anxiety

  • Life Transitions

Individual Therapy

Viv works with individuals who are experiencing a variety of issues in their lives that contribute to high personal distress.


Often experiences such as difficult relationships, past traumatic events, unresolved life transition points, individual and family changes can be contributing factors to high levels of stress, depression, anxiety and a sense of isolation and lack of progress.


The aim of the work is to create a safe and trusting counselling experience to identify:

  • The contributing factors/trigger points to a person’s distress

  • Explore problem feelings, thoughts and behaviours

  • Explore unhelpful patterns of interactions with one’s self

  • Explore unhelpful interactions with significant others


“While we all long for ease and security in our lives , overcoming challenge of one kind or another is at the heart of flourishing”  Gaffney 2011

Couple & Family Therapy

Viv finds it a privilege to assist families & couples in trouble to help find insight, explore patterns & develop new ways of doing things to allow positive changes in their relationships.


Couple and Family Therapy enables each member to express and explore their views and emotions with the aim of understanding the other's experience. There is a focus on appreciating each other's needs and to build on empathy, recognise differences and develop alternative solutions to foster inter-connection to enable change in their relationships.


Viv's approach aims to be:

  • Inclusive of the needs of each member of the family and/or other key relationships (systems) in people’s lives, with some focus on family of origin patterns

  • Recognise and build on peoples’ strengths and relational resources

  • Work in partnership ‘with’ families to find solutions

  • Sensitive to diverse family forms and relationships, beliefs and cultures

  • Enable people to talk, together or individually, often about difficult or distressing issues, in ways that respect their experiences, invite engagement and support recovery

Youth & Family Therapy

Viv has gathered much experience working with young people & their families through her roles in youth mental health in public health & community settings.


Research shows that Family Inclusive Therapy is useful for young people experiencing a very wide range of difficulties and experiences.

Viv likes to work with young people individually and where appropriate in partnership with their families. 


Viv assists young people experiencing a variety of issues inclusive of:

  • Depression and Anxiety

  • Adjustment disorder

  • Family separation

  • Step parenting / Blended family dynamics

  • Loss and grief

  • Bullying experiences

  • Peer relationship difficulties

  • Family violence and other traumas

  • Sexuality and Identity

  • Self esteem & body image


Viv recognises that the most significant aspects of the work with young people are for them to feel understood, not judged and working collaboratively with them. Her compassionate, relational and respectful approach helps towards positive engagement in the counselling process with the young person.   

Families hopefully also make themselves available to the counselling, as their understanding and support are vital factors in the young person’s recovery.  




Viv has been in supervisory roles for many years within youth mental health, family therapy, 

youth & family services & in private practice.


Viv offers individual supervision to help enhance the practitioner’s level of professional competence, as well as group supervision for teams in community based organisations to enhance team cohesion and culture and clinical skills development.


The emphasis of Viv’s supervision includes:

  • Collaboration and Support

  • Professional skill development

  • Examining the interplay between professional and personal dynamics

  • Recognising your own goals /values and those of organisations

  • Managing organisational expectations

  • Team values, team building /cohesion and positive culture

  • Career development and progression

  • Transition from practitioner to supervisor

  • Supervision of supervisors/Team Leaders 


“To flourish people need to make a connection between the practical things they are doing and some deeper value that motivates them” Gaffney 2011